Build an ecosystem where everyone can contribute to empower each other


Agriloka is Agriculture Technology Startup that focus on building an ecosystem where everyone can contribute to empower each other. Agriloka has been collaborating with stakeholders in Agriculture Sector to give social impact for farmers and micro businesses in Indonesia. Established in 2018, Agriloka provide Agriculture Platform for investors, farmers, micro businesses, market, and agribusiness enablers.

Time, convenient, and data driven


Agriloka Platform

Build an Agriloka Platform that can support farming operational service, investment service, logistic and supply chain services, food processing service and raw and processed food material provider

Agriloka Way

Build the Agriloka Way, so that our stakeholder will always get best agricultural practice and production system in order to optimize their production capacity and quality

Financial Service

Build the Agriloka Financial Services, so that our stakeholders can manage their daily-work-life financial in a single platform

We play infinite game


Idham Karim

Chief Executive Officer

jundi aghni

Chief Operational Officer

rahmad dita

Chief Product Officer

iskandar rasyadi

head of agriculture product

evan petrus

head of sales

cipta ronaza

head of human resource and general affair


research and development executive

alief akbar

general trade executive

fauziah muchlis

accounting executive

sifa fauziah

research development staff

uswatun khasanah

production planning and inventory control executive

ari fauzi

agriculture account executive